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Updated August 2014

KQED Education: Art School

Video-centric resource for art instruction and some inspiration
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Common Sense Rating 3
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  • The site covers a variety of engaging topics with videos and articles.
  • Beyond visual arts, the site also covers performance and media/digital arts.
  • A fair amount of the site centers on San Francisco-area artists and events.
  • Some videos feature instruction on specific art techniques.
Erin Brereton
Common Sense Reviewer
Common Sense Rating 3
How Can Teachers Use It?

KQED's Art School blog is a video-centric look at art education that features artist interviews, media art, and how-to clips. Topics include music, movies, visual arts, performance art, pop culture, digital arts, and design. Your best bet is to use the site as a source of inspiration for your students -- many of the videos could be great as a unit or project introduction. The site's instructional videos can help inspire creativity as well as offer useful background on a variety of techniques.

Note: Kids living outside of the Bay Area may not find all of the site's offerings to be relevant, but a fair amount of what's here can transfer. Beyond the videos, assign your students articles to give them some cross-curricular reading experience. Some of these articles also feature learning-based questions at the end. You could share these with your whole class, or invite individual students to explore a topic further.

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