Teacher Review for Kinetic City

Cool Science games of different topics for 5-10 min activity plus other writting based tools

Tony D.
Classroom teacher
Singapore, Singapore
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My Subjects Science
My Rating
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My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Creation
Knowledge gain
How I Use It
Once you log in, there are different sections in the main screen. The lab car contains mind games on gravity, energy, mixtures, animals/plants trivia and the human body. All of them can be used for 5-10 min activity once you cover any of the topics in your lessons. Other parts in this section allow you to implement activities being creative and using other skills, not the computer (models, drawing...) . You get the instructions and can print them out (pdf document) The main menu has other sections about demos/activities to show different science concepts through class activities (Science Gym) and one part about energy (Spark club) with writting activities about several science topics with the main idea being the Sun. I like the mind games as students love to be challenged and play for a bit trying to understand/reinforce some of the concepts covered in class by gaming. Other parts of the site/main menu are interesting, but I don´t use them as they are not 100% linked to my syllabus and students are not very engaged with writting activities.
My Take
I like the fun part of playing some of the games such as the gravity, energy and the human body. Good way to refresh some science concepts, but quite limited and with no possibility of extensions or differenciate. I find it useful for Grade 6-7 students, as older ones may find it very simple and boring. Another drawback is the time you can spend on them, as some of the games are done in 5 minutes, and as they covered different topics, once they are done, that´s it. The only section that could be used for older students is the Spark Club, where they can learn about "Green energy" through different activities, but one of the main problems can be related to time, as it is an ongoing project for several weeks, probably something most science teachers can´t afford based on time constrains...