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Khan Academy was a fantastic tool when I decided to flip my algebra 1 classes!

Lynne M.
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies
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How I Use It
Last school year I decided to flip my algebra 1 classes. I used Khan Academy to support this. I was able to assign lessons and practice and help my students use technology to learn the concepts. This tool helps students to understand the material and practice these skills. In addition I was able to direct them to lessons to help re mediate in areas where they were struggling. This site allows the students to take a lead in their education.
My Take
This product is an outstanding teaching tool. I liked how I was able to direct my students to what I specifically wanted them to learn as well as give them lessons on remedial skills that we needed to brush up on. It allows the students to learn in a different light with the use of technology as opposed to a teacher standing in front of them lecturing. This would also be good to use for re-teaching if a student gets home and can't remember how to do something. While I teach algebra 1, I did explore other grade levels and subjects. Overall this would be a good tool for any grade level. One downside is that I had students who did not have access to technology on a consistent basis so I did have to take that into consideration.