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Khan Academy: Geometry

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Khan's Geometry content offers some very helpful formative skill assessments. Because manipulating figures is so important in geometry, the ability to do this on-screen is incredibly valuable. In the tutorial “Defining congruence through rigid transformations,” kids can actually perform transformations like translations, rotations, reflections, and dilations. For example, “Rotating polygons 180 degrees about their center” starts with the figures already on the screen. Sal demonstrates with two examples, then asks kids to pause the video and think about how this applies to other shapes. This video is concise and asks kids to be actively involved while watching. On the whole, the videos in here seem to have better production and organization than some of Khan's others. 

The video “Koch snowflake fractal" may be a nice challenge for advanced students, though others may not have the patience for such a lengthy discussion. Nevertheless, the Geometry Mission can be helpful for lots of kids as a way to zero in on areas of struggle. It's important to note that the Geometry content still seems to be in development; quite a few Common Core standards aren't covered. Nevertheless, kids can learn a lot here –- use the Recommend Task feature on the dashboard to direct your students toward the most helpful activities for their needs.

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