Updated June 2014

Khan Academy: Differential Calculus

Clear videos and detailed practice help kids learn this tough subject

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Khan Academy: Differential Calculus presents a challenging subject in a way that empowers students to learn, establishing a foundation for even more advanced math skills. Lessons build on algebra and trigonometry skills, so students should have a solid background in those areas. After viewing the lessons, students can complete practice problems, with options for hints and videos -- they can also access already-worked example problems. The mission promotes a more individualized learning approach which is great for this level of math. However, you can also use the lessons in class to introduce and reinforce a topic. Have students watch the videos in small groups and, when they get to a practice problem, encourage them to collaborate as they solve; then discuss the solution as a class. Within the mission, have students solve the same practice problem on their own. And if using the missions, be sure to have students complete the pre-assessment -- suggest lessons to target areas that need improvement.

Full Disclosure: Khan Academy and Common Sense Education share funders; however, those relationships do not impact Common Sense Education's editorial independence and this learning rating.

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