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Khan Academy: 7th Grade Math

7th grade lessons best as a preview, before teaching concepts in class

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Teachers are best off using Khan Academy's 7th Grade Math content to support their own instructional practices. Before assigning students a lesson on a specific topic, it would be good to check out some of the practice exercises and videos first. The lessons here can work well as a preview to a given unit in class -- students can build context for what they're about to learn. Alternatively, teachers can assign students specific content as part of the 7th Grade Mission.

For whole-class use, some videos (like those covering the number system) will be very helpful to students. However, some of the more specific videos (like those in the probability lessons) offer some procedural examples but might not offer as much help to kids who are stuck. Whether using the 7th Grade Mission or the tutorials, some of the conversational vocabulary in the videos might go beyond what kids at this age are used to hearing and reading. By trying out the content and watching the accompanying videos beforehand, teachers can better prepare their own mini-lessons, using the site as a nice complement to classroom instruction.

Full Disclosure: Khan Academy and Common Sense Education share funders; however, those relationships do not impact Common Sense Education's editorial independence and this learning rating.

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    Smith C. , Principal/head of school
    Principal/head of school
    Valley View Adventist Academy
    Arroyo Grande, United States
    Great tool to help students grow in Math
    It’s a great tool. Especially to help students work effectively in Math. My students like this app because when we go on long trips, they are alllowed to use their phones, only to work on Khan Academy from their phones.
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