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Khan Academy: 5th Grade Math

Great exercises and assessments help boost fifth-graders' skills

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Khan Academy's 5th Grade Math content puts Common Core-aligned lessons at your students' fingertips. The lessons here are divided into six tutorials: Arithmetic Operations, Fractions, Place Value and Decimals, Measurement and Data, Geometry, and Algebraic Thinking. Every tutorial includes videos and practice exercises. For example, under Arithmetic operations, students begin by adding decimals. The topic is further broken down into a series of four videos and two follow-up exercise sets. Approaching the content in small chunks like this can help make the material easier for fifth-graders to comprehend. The videos here are kept fairly brief, which is helpful. Alternately, you can use the Missions interface to further tailor instruction to your students' needs.

After you've introduced a topic, have students work in pairs or small groups to view corresponding videos. Challenge students to collaborate and complete the practice exercises or work individually to complete assigned parts of the 5th Grade Mission. Next, review the tutorial as a class. Circulate as students work, and break in between videos and exercises to address any questions that might come up. Whether working through the tutorials or engaging students in the 5th Grade Mission, keep track of any problem areas for individuals as well as the whole class. You'll want to reinforce these concepts later through your own instruction, as well as through your suggestions for kids' Missions.

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Ashley C. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Khan Academy: Readily available, interactive, and FREE education
My favorite part of the extension/reinforcement aspect, was that I could have students go back to the 4th grade curriculum to the pre-requisite standards to practice, and could extend those to the 6th grade standards to push them. My students would compete within the class with who had the most "energy points" and who could unlock/evolve their avatars the quickest. My second favorite piece about Khan Academy, was that it would not allow students to complete the standard unless they've mastered it. They ...
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