Updated June 2014

Khan Academy: 3rd Grade math

Drills offer practice, assessment; extra support needed for learning

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The Khan Academy: 3rd Grade math missions are, for the most part, good for third-graders. They address 45 skills in addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measurement and geometry, place value and rounding, expressions, and patterns. Of all the missions, this set is the least extensive, offering the fewest number of skills. While the practice problems may feel tedious, and some kids may find the explanations confusing, most in this age group should be ready to thrive with this type of instruction. Teachers may find this mission most useful for practice and assessment, leaving instruction to in-class lessons. These drills can also be useful as extra help for kids who are struggling with a particular concept -- just be careful to explain any differing methods so kids don't get confused. Quick learners at this age may also appreciate introductions to new or more challenging material.

Full Disclosure: Khan Academy and Common Sense Education share funders; however, those relationships do not impact Common Sense Education's editorial independence and this learning rating.

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