Updated November 2014
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Kellie A. , Technology coordinator
Technology coordinator
Great Web-based Annotation Tool for PDFs

Notable is a great option when you want to interact with a PDF in a web-based environment. As a PDF viewer, it's clean, has search capabilities, and allows the reader to adjust text size with a zoom tool. As an annotation tool, you can select and highlight text, add text onto the page, include margin comments, and use the underline or strikethrough formatting options on the document. The annotation version can be printed, exported/saved to Google Drive or your computer, and shared via link with others for collaboration (if uploaded to Notable). The Notable version can also be embedded on a web page where others can respond to comments in the margins. The presentation mode is a nice option for displaying on a projector, and the flexibility of using this with PDFs on the web or stored in Google Drive or a computer make this a powerful way to read and work with PDFs.

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