Teacher Review for Kami

Kami is a wonderful tool that allows you to interact with a text as if you were using paper and pencil. During remote instruction, it was really helpful in highlighting the text, making notes in the margins, annotations, drawings, diagrams, and more!

My Rating
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
How I Use It
I used Kami to annotate texts, including poems and short stories, and to complete worksheets for multiple classes. Kami lets you create a text box wherever you'd like, and you can instantly start typing and adding your notes. It allows you to highlight and add any drawings and diagrams that you'd like. If you want to complete your traditional worksheet or annotation homework and want to go paperless, Kami is a great tool that will suit your needs. I used it to complete worksheets in biology class that were supplemental to a video and for critical analyses. I would use this resource to go over text analyses and worksheets in class.
My Take
I like that Kami is a tool that you can easily access through a simple link or Google Chrome extension. It's really helpful to be able to annotate and analyze a text without having to resort to the traditional paper and pencil method. You can suit it to your needs and choose from a variety of fonts, colors, highlighters, and more! I liked that it is really easy to create text boxes wherever you need so that you can make notes on the text or worksheet, which is so convenient and doesn't deal with annoying formatting. You can even add multiple blanked or line pages to make your file longer if you need more room! It's just like any notebook or worksheet, and it's only a few clicks away.