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Rachel F.
Striplin Elementary School
Gadsden, United States
Erin D.
Gulf Shores Elementary School
Gulf Shores, United States
Submitted June 19, 2019
Nancy F.
Russellville Elementary School
Russellville, United States
Natalie B.
University of North Alabama
Florence, United States
Submitted June 19, 2019
Brenda T.
Greensboro Elementary School
Greensboro, United States
Amy W.
North Columbia Elementary School
Appling, United States
Submitted June 18, 2019
Angelia S.
Spring Station Middle
Kristopher M.
Alcovy High School
Covington, United States
Submitted June 4, 2019
Submitted June 4, 2019
Janet A.
South Salem Elementary School
Submitted May 20, 2019
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Submitted May 20, 2019
Stephanie C.
Bowman Elementary School
Anchorage, United States
Cayla A.
East High School
Anchorage, United States
Submitted April 14, 2019
Emma A.
Shungnak School
Shungnak, United States
Submitted March 30, 2019
Robert H.
School For Inquiry And Social Justice
Bronx, United States
Submitted March 17, 2019
Students Liked It99%
Students Learned97%