Teacher Review for Kahoot!

Super fun exercise that can be used in any classroom setting to make learning a game to win! Students get to have fun as they compete for 1st place in the understanding of their material.

My Rating
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
How I Use It
I believe Kahoot is best used as a review of material in a classroom setting. While it is not the best tool to study material, it can reiterate information students may have forgotten. While I would not use it every day in a classroom setting, it is a fun game to test students understanding of the material.
My Take
I enjoy using this tool to test the concepts that teachers recently covered in a class. While the competitive spirit of the game reels students into the game to achieve first place, some negatives can come along with student involvement. There have been plenty of instances where kids pick inappropriate usernames to make the game comical instead of taking it seriously.