Teacher Review for Kahoot!

Awesome Interactive Technology Game

Ryndie B.
Wauseon Primary School
Wauseon, United States
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My Rating
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My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
Great for Creation
Further application
Knowledge gain
Small group
Student-driven work
Teacher-led lessons
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
Special needs
How I Use It
The first critical piece of information brought to my attention through Kahoot! was in the article, 6 ways to make a kahoot awesome stating that planning and researching ahead of time are key factors to the success of any new method brought into the classroom. The article emphasized established learning goals that reflect the intended outcome for learners so starting the year with a student survey regarding their learning styles builds positive rapport with my students. Because of this point, creating a Kahoot! survey in Module 5 will be useful at the start of the 2020-2021 school year learning what I can about my incoming new first graders. As cited in the article accessible to all types of learners, the section relating to special needs students caught my attention the most due to my IEP students seeming to be the most interested in Kahoot! The article also mentioned the Kahoot! start up music as a way to engage and draw kids into Kahoot!. My special needs students are hooked from the start and remain focused on the game until the end at the podium results. The Masterclass video lecture was influential because the embedded winter olympic games video was eye catching and engaging. Instantly, I was thinking this would be a perfect platform to spark emotion with my first graders. So I decided to incorporate a couple of learning videos and songs in my plants Kahoot!. My students enjoyed learning the plant song, learning about a plant scientist, and watching the changing seasons of an apple tree. The second part of the video lecture was the Blind Kahoot when a new topic is launched. Leveling the playing field for all levels of learning is fair for all because higher level skills are not needed. I use Blind Kahoot when teaching a lesson on environments in science. Students enjoyed learning about the different environments that plants and animals live in. With this type of Kahoot!, student background knowledge would be beneficial when diving into new material so knowing about plants and animals as living things from previous science units helped student understanding . The third part of the video lecture I enjoyed was Team Mode. My students enjoyed working in teams and creating their own Kahoot! By doing this, students learned life skills by working together and having individual jobs they were responsible and held accountable for. By working together at all levels, learning becomes a team effort strategy and teaches students the benefits of group learning.
My Take
I am a teacher who is always looking for a way to connect to my students and gain a better understanding of the ways they learn on a daily basis. I want to connect with all types of learners within my classroom whether it be learning styles, interests, or background knowledge, Kahoot! provides me with a way to connect to my students while creating a deeper understanding about the way I teach curriculum to them. Slide 1 encompasses a three minute video that appeals to higher level learners who love the challenge of watching a documentary then answering a followup question to gain a better understanding. Slide 10 features a short Dr. Norma Alcantar biography appealing to career minded students who want to have a future job learning about living things. Slide 13 features a plant song appealing to music lovers or engage students who didn’t realize they were learning plant parts. Positive student teacher connections is key. Having fond memories of our childhood days with a special teacher remains with us today. Maybe she/he drove us to future achievement or sparked a certain career path that continues to drive us today. As cited in section six Celebrating the Podium, “This feature is made for players that are constantly eager to learn and love celebrating together with their classmates” Educators who deliver effective praise through celebrations can stimulate an unmotivated child who doesn’t have the confidence of being successful in school. By being sincere, specific, and realistic with students when you celebrate their accomplishments you in turn build their confidence that will transfer into future achievement. Positive classroom celebrations can push students forward on their educational journey at a young age. Celebrating the success of students is like saying to them, “Your hard work matters and I care about your learning”. An icebreaker is an activity, exercise, or experience designed to break the ‘ice’ that typically limits or inhibits interactions of a group of people who may or may not know each other. A group is exhibiting “ice” if there is little or no talking, reluctance to make physical contact, and poor eye contact. Additionally, group members stand alone, displaying a lack of initiative and absence of trust. To qualify as an icebreaker, an activity, exercise, or experience should have most of the following criteria: Editor / March 26th 2019 An ice breaker should be fun, non-threatening, highly interactive, easy to understand, and success oriented. My Ice Breaker Kahoot! “Getting to Know Your Teacher” will act as a springboard at the start of the school year and continue with individual students when it’s their special “Indian of the Week” time. All in all, I have learned many valuable lessons from taking this Kahoot! Class. I will certainly recommend it to my colleagues who want an educational online class that will be both beneficial of their time and classroom application will be applied. I felt Brian Davis was always available to answer my questions, give positive feedback after submitting assignments, and was efficient when returning graded assignments. I created many Kahoots during this course to be used in my classroom and I will continue to create them when the need arises. Thank you for your time and effort in delivering a well rounded class that was worth my time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=31&v=E0E2r194Pf8&feature=emb_title