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Updated May 2014

IXL: Math -- Fifth-grade skills

Solid Common Core drill and practice best used for homework
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Common Sense Rating 4
  • Kids can use a graph to find the missing number on a table.
  • Students calculate the surface area of figures and type in their response.
  • Kids use their mouse to find a particular set of coordinates.
  • Students answer multiple-choice, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions about similar and congruent figures.
Emily Pohlonski
Common Sense Reviewer
Classroom teacher
Common Sense Rating 4
How Can Teachers Use It?

IXL's fifth-grade math content is likely best used for individual practice. In order to master math skills, most kids need more time than can be provided in class. These exercises provide an almost endless set of practice problems with immediate feedback and support, clearly aligned to Common Core. This is a great improvement over traditional textbook homework, where kids may not know if they're doing it right or what to do if they're stuck. The activities here aren't necessarily fun, but they offer clear instructions and tips if kids are struggling.

IXL has also made efforts to vary the question types. For example, on the Similar and Congruent skill set, kids might be asked to figure out the angle of a similar triangle in one problem, while being asked to select all the similar shapes in another. While fifth-graders in particular won't find the stickers very motivating, they might, however, find IXL useful as a way to track their own progress. Tasks are clearly aligned to Common Core learning goals, with colors to show whether or not a skill has been mastered. Using the reports, teachers can help students monitor progress and celebrate growth.


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