Teacher Review for IXL

IXL gives students important practice on math concepts that are very targeted.

Angie S.
Technology coordinator
Windsor Charter Academy - Elementary School
Windsor, United States
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Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Homework
Small group
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Low literacy
Special needs
How I Use It
I am a technology teacher, and one of my curriculum goals is is helping my school meet our goal of improving math scores on standardized tests. I used IXL to have 6th graders do 20 problems a day (for free) to specifically improve their knowledge of charts and graphs. It was very simple, because the charts and story problems associated with them were at their grade level, and beautiful. I could see if they were getting the concept or not based on their Smart Score on the sidebar, and those who got the concept could easily go on to other projects after their 20 questions. I saw a lot of improvement and confidence in the lower level learners especially. The free to try version works great if I want my students to do only 20 problems a day, and it is an easy “bell ringer” activity in the tech lab. I would highly recommend the paid version for teachers or parents with a learner who struggles in math and needs that extra practice.
My Take
This website has a variety of concepts for common core standards in grade levels Pre-K-grade 10. It is easy to navigate the home screen, and easy for non-math teachers to help students who are struggling with math. It is free to try, and without logging a student can do 20 problems a day for free. It is primarily for drilling and practice, but that is often what kids need. Students answer questions and if they get them wrong there is a detailed explanation on how to reach the correct answer, so on the next problem they can try that technique.