Updated June 2014

IXL: Math -- Third-grade skills

Solid practice drills offer (mostly) comprehensive standards alignment

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IXL's third-grade math module is best used to to support the skills you're teaching in class and build kids' confidence. You might consider using these drills as part of a daily math-station routine. The program is set up for kids to progressively move through math concepts. Activities like "Relate Addition and Multiplication" and "Relate Multiplication and Division" will help kids build on what they (likely) already know. And other tasks, like "Multiplication – facts to 12," align perfectly to the Common Core standards, because they address multiplication fact fluency.

Although activities are designed to help kids practice Common Core math skills, the alignment isn't always perfect. For example, one Common Core Standard asks kids to partition shapes into parts with equal areas and express one section as a fraction. IXL addresses this standard with the task "Unit Fraction Review," in which kids simply identify the fraction pictured, which is only a partial match to the standard. That said, these drills can make for great practice at home during the school year or even over the summer.

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