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IXL: Math -- Sixth-grade skills

Have kids aim for perfect with these interactive practice worksheets

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IXL's sixth-grade math module uses interactive student worksheets to cover a tremendous amount of content, most of which is aligned to the Common Core standards. Nearly 300 skills are organized into 28 categories -- you'll find worksheets for virtually any topic related to sixth-grade math. Categories include rational numbers, operations on decimals, integers, operations on fractions, money, consumer math, data and graphs, number theory, geometry, and more. Each worksheet is timed and scored, and questions increase in difficulty as students progress.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to practice skills they've already learned in the classroom. Because scores are tracked, these worksheets are best suited for individual use. After covering a skill in class, have students complete relevant worksheets on their own. Challenge students to earn the best score possible without worrying about their times. As students become more comfortable with the skill, have them complete the worksheets again so they can try for higher scores and faster times. One of the best features of the worksheets is the detailed feedback students receive if they get an answer wrong. Capitalize on this tool by encouraging students to take written notes on any feedback they receive, then follow up with a brief classroom discussion about it.

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