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IXL: Math -- Seventh-grade skills

Good targeted skills practice in lieu of deeper math understanding

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IXL's seventh-grade lessons include 255 skills divided into 26 categories, covering nearly all of the grade's Common Core standards. As students reach seventh grade, the need for differentiated instruction is bound to grow. IXL's adaptive nature helps keep practice level. However, the skills here are presented in isolation from one another. Through your own instruction, you'll need to help your students make deeper connections between skills, guiding them toward a more holistic understanding of math.

Your students will benefit most here if they've already got a strong conceptual understanding of the concepts they're practicing. As such, use IXL for extra practice and homework – you'll be able to track students' data and usage. While IXL's reward system is better suited to younger students, you can use the data reports to help set learning goals; as you know your students best, build in some custom rewards that are more likely to motivate them. If using the site in class, assign specific topics to each student, either as review or as an extension activity. As you circulate, take note of where students may need some help; there are bound to be some teachable moments.

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Jessica A. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
La Sierra University
Riverside, United States
Simple, Fun, Different, & Educational
IXL is a very teacher-friendly app that allowed me to be organized and manage my classroom practice skills more efficient. There is a free trial but the downfall of that is that after it ends, you would have to pay for it. I would highly recommend buying it if it worked best for your teaching way as it serves as a wonderful study tool for students and works well with all types of learners.
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