Updated June 2014

IXL: Math -- Pre-K skills

Age-appropriate concepts, but drill format may challenge younger kids

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IXL's Pre-Kindergarten math module offers drills in 42 categories including shapes, counting, size, and money. While not as extensive as IXL's other age groups, this section covers a fair number of beginning math concepts. It's best to use these drills for assessment and practice rather than as an instructional tool. You can also use the site as as you introduce kids to new material, but be sure to supplement any drill-and-practice time with lots of hands-on activities and in-class explorations.

If you're looking for a tool to differentiate, help your kids take advantage of the site's adaptive features -- they'll be able to practice at a more individualized pace. Teachers can use the progress reports to get a sense of students' existing math knowledge. While you'll be able to identify areas for improvement, you'll need to provide help and guidance offline.

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Adrienne D. , Early childhood education provider
Early childhood education provider
Age-Appropriate and Simple
This teaching tool is a gem! I like that it is a free help and parents can access it at home to help their child with homework. One parent shared with me that she could not remember how to do a math problem and she went on the website and it taught her how to teach her child. My overall opinion is that it is a great tool and is very beneficial. One thing that would make it better is effective and positive sound effects to go along with the correct responses. Also if there was a way to track the child's ...
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