Updated June 2014

IXL: Math -- Eighth-grade skills

Give students practice and monitor data for reteaching opportunities

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Use IXL's eighth-grade module to give students more opportunities to practice specific Common Core math skills. Students will benefit the most if they already have a solid conceptual understanding of the topics before they attempt these computer-based problem sets. IXL provides an almost endless number of practice problems, but be aware that there's very little instruction here. However, if you monitor your students' data carefully, you'll have insights on the best areas to provide them additional instruction.

Assigning specific, individualized topics to each student can help them review or, in some cases, push them into exploring new skills. You could also use the site in class to give your students instant feedback and compliment their work. IXL could also work well for homework, since the data and usage can be carefully tracked. Beyond tracking progress, the data reports can help students and teachers set learning goals. Just remember that IXL doesn't retest for mastery once a topic is considered complete.

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Louise L. , Other
My overall opinion about IXL it is unique and saves you many steps of repeating instructions and strategies not unless a student is stuck. I liked being able to observe students while they were self teaching and the way the program makes them aware and self conscious. It has a positive approach needed for teachers as a coach. Students are more involved in the learning process and develop their self confidence.
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