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IXL: Math -- Algebra 1 skills

Drill-style digital worksheets offer great feedback, content coverage

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IXL's Algebra 1 worksheets cover a breadth of skills, organized by topic and content area. With categories ranging from numbers, percents, and ratios to polynomials and quadratic equations, students can get plenty of practice to help them build a solid foundation for Algebra 1, preparing them for the more advanced skills they'll need in Algebra 2.

Start by using these digital worksheets as an informal pre-assessment before beginning a unit. For example, if you're getting ready to teach a unit about matrices, have students independently complete worksheets in this category. Discuss the class's overall performance, and offer some instruction and/or reteaching of concepts. Afterwards, perhaps toward the end of the unit, have students complete the same worksheets for homework. Be sure to track students' data so you can monitor their progress, and watch for evidence of success.

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Bethany R. , School district administrator
School district administrator
Clio Area School District
Clio, United States
Good tool for math intervention.
It's a great tool for the purpose its designed for - building math skills through drill and practice. IXL math could better serve kids by developing real life applications in order to connect the skills students are learning to the real world.
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