Updated May 2014

IXL: Language arts -- Third-grade skills

Broad range of third-grade skills covered, but could be spiced up

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While IXL's third-grade lessons can function as a helpful assessment tool -- especially for standardized test prep –- they won't necessarily provide moments of meaningful learning; kids will also need to learn language arts topics in other ways. Teachers can choose drill sets based on specific state and Common Core standards. Detailed reports give teachers a good sense of how kids will do on standardized tests and can help identify areas that need work.

For third-graders, there are 113 topics ranging from parts of speech to capitalization, similes and metaphors, and prefixes and suffixes; a wide variety of Common Core standards are covered. Many topics are appropriate for third grade, though some of the grammar (subordinating and coordinating conjunctions) may be too advanced. For a more collaborative means of test prep, show these drills to the whole class on a screen; have groups discuss the questions, as well as the reasoning behind the correct answers. The site also has implementation ideas for classroom integration, standards prep, intervention, enrichment, and parent involvement. 

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