Updated June 2014

IXL: Language Arts -- Sixth-grade skills

Solid grammar and vocab drills complement students' in-class writing

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IXL's sixth-grade language arts module offers an effective antidote to students who are suffering from an overdose of typical drill-and-kill grammar practice. At the same time, these practice exercises help ensure that kids can get experience with all 103 skills covered in the Common Core standards for sixth grade English.

Utilize IXL's adaptive instruction and offer your students time for differentiated, independent practice (albeit limited to grade level and skill concept). Exercises can be completed during a classroom lab session, as homework, or as a combination of both. To make the most of the site's (or Chrome app's) offerings, consider pairing skills from the exercises with students' in-class writing assignments. That way, kids can reinforce, transfer, and apply what they're practicing on the site.

  • Standout: IXL's sixth-grade program adds dictionary and thesaurus skills as well as Latin and Greek root knowledge to its extensive list of grammar concepts.
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Andy T. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
The Hamlin School
San Francisco, CA, United States
Useful grammar practice tool that gives thorough feedback for incorrect responses
IXL is great as a homework assignment to practice grammar skills introduced in class. It is engaging, adapts to students' performance levels, and goes beyond mere multiple choice as an assessment tool. While they do offer mini-lessons on a variety of topics, they are best viewed as review and as a supplement to in-class direct instruction/mini-lessons. IXL could serve kids better if it continued to offer more practice on a topic after students master a topic. (It seems that right now they get a lot ...
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