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IXL: Language arts -- Fourth-grade skills

Great adaptive grammar study could use extensions for actual writing

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IXL's adaptive features make it especially suited for independent practice and differentiation (although skills and concepts are limited to a fourth-grade level). Exercises could be completed either during class or as homework. If used in school, consider having students work as partners, so they'll have opportunities to discuss the exercises and concepts. This could be especially helpful for any ELL or special-needs students, as they could be paired with a more capable peer.

To make the most of these fourth-grade grammar lessons, consider pairing specific exercises from IXL with an authentic writing assignment of your own. As grammar is best learned in context, students will be able to practice and reinforce new skills but also transfer and apply them to their own writing.

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Jessica C. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
I used IXL in the computer lab to reinforce math skills. I think it helps students to gain additional practice on many different math skills. They can work above grade level as well which I like for enrichment. Overall, I think it is a great program!
I think IXL is a great teaching tool. It was easy to set up, and students did not have trouble logging in. It did not have technical difficulties! It had certificates and "rewards" for students, as well as class reports that the teacher can print out. Overall I highly recommend this program.
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