Teacher Review for instaGrok

Interactive Concept Map/Word Web on Steroids!

Kristin L.
Technology coordinator
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How I Use It
instaGrok is amazingly versatile. It can be used to assist students with research. It can be used to help explain concepts in further detail. It can be used to help expand or narrow down subject matter. It can be used to give further meaning to large or small concepts across the entire gamut of education. Quite honestly, there is nothing that didn't work, in my opinion, when I have used instaGrok in the classroom - or personally.
My Take
instaGrok is amazing! Not only is it simple to use but continually blows my mind with how much information is generated with the click of a button. I really like how you can choose a subject matter and then find further information about that subject as it relates to one specific aspect. For example, if I search for Michael Jordan I instantly receive biographical/general information. If I click on one of the concepts "webbing" out from the main topic, Michael Jordan, for example, career, I will get more information on Michael Jordan and his career. From there if I click on Chicago Bulls (as it has webbed out from career), I will find information on Michael Jordan and how it relates to his career with the Chicago Bulls. It is like a never ending concept map.