Teacher Review for instaGrok

Total dud

Amy C.
Classroom teacher
Animo Pat Brown High School
Los Angeles, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts
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Learning Scores
Setup Time 5-15 minutes
How I Use It
I tried to use it as a tool for student research, but it does not help students think critically about the trustworthiness of websites. When using instaGrok, it is tempting to not analyze the websites you're getting the information from at all because you have to continually leave instaGrok to do this. I do not completely trust all the websites I've seen used as information sources through instaGrok. I recommend you do not use this website.
My Take
I was so excited to use instaGrok in my class last year to help students with their research papers. It is a website that looks great, after all: a visual search engine, adjustable difficulty, the ability to tag notes, and much more. The problem is that students end up wanting to just write down the key facts as their main facts for research or will just watch the videos and look at the images (and freak out if there's anything gross). The other big drawback is that most of the information seems to be gathered from Wikipedia, which I specifically tell my students they cannot use because most colleges will not accept Wikipedia for research. All in all, there are much better ways to teach research where students actually learn to analyze & cite sources themselves.