Teacher Review for Hapara

4 in 1 tool to assist teachers!

Gabriel G.
Technology coordinator
St. Theresa Catholic School
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My Subjects Science
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As the technology coordinator and introducing new technology in a middle school, the idea, if the students are paying attention, is a large concern. PLUS the necessity of maintaining everything that was needed for all the courses they were assigned in order and all in one location. The teachers used the app along with the dashboard to monitor, distribute, and grade work. The dashboard allows all teachers to monitor what all students are doing on the Chromebooks all at the same time, as well as notify them if they are off task and close windows if off task. They were also able to use google apps such as (docs, sheets, presentation, and other google apps) to be distributed and used viewed by the teachers. They were allowed to view everything that is shared and organize the folders for the students to assist in grading.The students relied on the app to assist them in organizing and submitting the assignments. Students we allowed to use this app to assist and collaborate with one another. My staff enjoyed being able to monitor the students while in class to verify the student were on task and being able to communicate with student silently through the dashboard. The overall experience on the staff we a 4 out of 5 stars. We did have issues with the monitoring, some Chromebooks never connected and allowed teachers to monitor the usage. As the administrator, the initial setup was a nightmare. Took me over 3 weeks of back and forth conversations with the techs in order to get ll the student in the right classes and all the Chromebooks to be setup correctly plus, to make edits to any student data was a nightmare. We used Renweb as ur SIS which made things that much worse.
My Take
Hapara is a great product but has some flaws that can be corrected to be an even better product. The main flaw is the integration with other systems as well with other devices besides Chromebooks. We even had issues with Chromebooks not being connected throughout the new machine. It had quite an amount of flaws but over the 2 years we used it the school has grown to like the product! The kids enjoy being able to organize all their document and not have to SHARE with specific people for every document. A few items i would fix would be the connectivity issues and they use of customer service or professional assistance to create and update the class and sync with more SIS databases.