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Updated October 2014

Grammaropolis: Interjections

Hey! Interjections explained through a music video, skits, and more
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Common Sense Rating 4
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  • Izzy teaches kids about interjections.
  • Several quizzes of varying lengths check for understanding.
  • Izzy and friends star in a comic e-book illustrating interjections at work.
  • Short skits feature Izzy demonstrating interjections and their punctuation.
  • "How do You Feel," a music video, explains interjections through an emotional, synthesized song.
Amanda Bindel
Common Sense Reviewer
Classroom teacher
Common Sense Rating 4
How Can Teachers Use It?

Izzy the Interjection informs kids with these short lessons and skits, a comic ebook, a music video, and several quizzes that check for understanding. The music video, "It's How You Feel," features a dancy synth-pop tune emanating from a teenage girl's bedroom -- an environment stereotypically rife with emotion. It's catchy enough that kids will remember what an interjection is, although some may appreciate the opportunity to debunk the overly dramatic stereotype.

Show the music video, and the shorter videos, as part of a whole-class introduction or review. It's sure to get kids laughing -- and paying attention. If time permits, have your students work through the lessons and quizzes at their own pace while you circulate to address any questions. You can monitor students' progress using the reports. Interjections are a fun part of speech -- an easy-to-grasp favorite for many students -- so be sure to add some fun activities for small groups: Have students create their own short, interjection-filled skits to share with the class after they finish working on the site.

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