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Updated November 2014

Grammaropolis: Conjunctions

Schoolhouse who? Catchy tunes get students connected with conjunctions
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Common Sense Rating 4
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  • Kids can find great insights on how conjunctions join words and phrases.
  • The quizzes give detailed instant feedback.
  • The catchy, charming song helps kids learn how conjunctions work.
  • The comic e-book features all of the site's characters, illustrating how different parts of speech work together.
Patricia Monticello Kievlan
Common Sense Reviewer
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Common Sense Rating 4
How Can Teachers Use It?

Grammaropolis' Conjunctions lessons teach kids the ins and outs of these sometimes-tricky clause connectors. The charming original song, vivid illustrations, and nuanced quiz questions make this a great resource for teaching the topic. The song is especially impressive. Both catchy and effective, it manages to outshine the famous Schoolhouse Rock! song on the same topic. The song and lessons feature "FANBOYS," a mnemonic for coordinating conjunctions, and they're equally silly and memorable. The FANBOYS appear throughout the lesson, as do the characters from other sections of Grammaropolis, making it especially clear how conjunctions interact with other parts of speech. The solid quizzes offer detailed, immediate feedback for every question.

Have your students explore conjunctions using the purple road map at the bottom of the page, or by selecting individual features. The road map might be a good fit for a self-paced, period-long lesson on conjunctions. Kids could work solo or in groups as they move through the lesson, videos, comic ebook, and the quizzes. If you're pressed for time, skip the Games section; the coloring book and word-sorting game don't hold the same value as the site's other features. Keep in mind that kids will need to select the purple Conjunctions section each time they navigate away and back again.

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