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Grammaropolis: Nouns

Deliver in-depth curriculum through comics, video, and song

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  • English Language Arts

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Grammaropolis' Nouns module introduces common nouns, proper nouns, concrete and abstract nouns, compound nouns, and collective nouns. Each noun type is taught through a variety of examples and reinforced using song, video, and comic strips. Short quizzes check for understanding. If your students have full-access accounts, have them work through the material at their own pace -- you'll be able to monitor their progress using the detailed reports. However, be sure to have students wear headsets for the music-video section if they're watching independently in class.

Your students will likely get a grasp of the discipline of nouns, but you'll need to go outside the site to help students integrate this knowledge into their writing. As an alternative, use the music-video section (arguably the coolest) as a whole-class review for upper-elementary or middle school classes. It's a fun way to engage and refresh kids' basic parts-of-speech knowledge.

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