Updated October 2014

Grammaropolis: Adjectives

Versatile, jazzy instruction can be self paced or whole class

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In Grammaropolis' Adjectives module, kids' typical learning path includes videos, slideshows, quizzes, and, lastly, a comic book. Together, these activities help reinforce kids' understanding of adjectives. If your students  have individual accounts, you'll be able to see progress reports. Take advantage of this and have kids work through the path at their own pace, viewing and reviewing the information before taking the quizzes. Intervene with extra explanations for any students who are struggling with the concepts. Those who’ve mastered adjectives could play some of the parts-of-speech games included on the site, or revise a piece of their own writing to improve its adjective use.

The music video "Paint the Way,” in particular, is not only good for adjective instruction, it also introduces some fun vocabulary (odiferous, putrid, vociferous) and will definitely elicit a few laughs. A short movie also demonstrates adjectives, offering specific examples. Teachers could use both videos as an engaging review with older students as well as with elementary-level kids.

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