Teacher Review for Google Sites

Students easily navigate google sites without worry that it will crash, unlike other online platforms.

Callie K.
Classroom teacher
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How I Use It
I now use this product in all of the courses I teach (Freshman Composition, Advanced Composition, Critical Inquiry, Intro to Writing, etc.). Before my semester starts, I set up my google sites in a manner that is conducive to the course I am planning on teaching. In order to create a google site, you must have a gmail account. For students, this may be a bit of a hassle. However, I have found that if I include instructions in my course syllabus (you could also print out directions), students have no problem accessing the course google site. Once you have created your site, you can begin adding tabs. Common tabs I create for each of my google sites are: Readings, Class Resources, MLA Guidelines, Assignments, Helpful Websites, Course Calendar, Announcements, and Grading Rubrics. Students can then access all of these resources in one place.
My Take
I use google sites in place of other online platforms like Blackboard and Edmodo. I have had several semesters of playing around with google sites to know that it is much less glitchy than other collaboration sites. I am a huge fan of google sites for any classroom setting. You could conduct an entire class online using google sites, or you could use it in conjunction with a face-to-face class. One problem I can forsee is a lack of privacy. With most online platforms, students and teachers have a little added security if they are purchased through the school, such as Blackboard. With google sites, it would be very easy to make everything accessible to the public, including your work and your students’. Making sure you properly understand the privacy settings before using this app is essential.