Teacher Review for Google Drive

Never lose an assignment again!

Jannine T.
Classroom teacher
Marymount School
santa barbara, United States
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How I Use It
I have students submit work and collaborate on documents using google drive. I email my assignment to students via the share function. Then they work on their iPads. Then they can easily share it with me which saves everyone trying to keep track of a paper. The easily shared nature of drive also forces me as a teacher to create assignments that are more unique to each student or cheat proof. So now I might assign one critical thinking assignment that requires creative thought versus a sheet of objective questions that can easily be copied. As a science teacher I often struggle to find space on the white board to share class data after a lab. But, now I can easily have students add their data to a class google spreadsheets which has transformed the efficiency of our lab experiences. I like that we can then view data from several classes for homework rather than having to wait until students are physically back in the classroom seeing the data posted on the board. The collaborative nature allows several classes to be in different locations at different times but still sharing data with each other for analysis. The one struggle we have had is that on the iPads it requires you to save or submit the data which is unique since what I love about drive is that your work is automatically saved. I have only seen the submit function on group spreadsheets when several students are working on it at the same time. I like that this tool allows us to save paper and the headaches that come with printing. The auto save function is also incredible. No more excuses.
My Take
Great tool to collaborate and save work on. I like that work is never lost and as a teacher you can view the work history once a student shares the work with you. Easy to check copyright and plagiarism issues because the every addition each student makes is recorded. It can be problematic when students try to type in the same exact location but that rarely was an issue. I appreciate that the history allows you to see how much each student contributed to a collaborative document. Students did have trouble accessing and printing work on their iPads. Best to select mobile site vs the app when using iPads. The formats are slightly different from the web version and the app which makes for some initial confusion with students who are less confident in their computing skills. This is the best collaborative tool I've found and easily connects to our google emails. I have found it most helpful when I student claims to turned something in and we check the drive to see what appears. It has allowed us to be much more paper free in the classroom as I can share documents for them to work on and they can turn in via the drive.