Teacher Review for Google Drive

Google Drive makes working from home and school so much easier!

Tricia L.
Media specialist/librarian
Mountain Range High School
Westminster, United States
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How I Use It
I've had students use the documents aspect to take notes and write papers collaboratively. They can upload photos and other resources and share them between groups. If students are researching together (but separately), they all have access to their notes and resources that each group member added. With the presentation tool, it's nice because the finished product can be shown on both a Mac and PC. And, students can work on their presentations together anytime, anywhere. As a teacher, I love that you can create rubrics in Google Forms. It makes keeping your grades for presentations and other assignments much easier. I've also used forms to survey the staff, assess students, take purchase requests for the library, and keep up with our Interlibrary loans. Both our media clerk and I can add to the Interlibrary Loan form, and our changes are updated automatically. And, with the book request form, it's made it so easy for any student or staff member to quickly let me know books we need to add to our collection. I have that form set up so that I get an e-mail anytime a form is submitted. One of our special education providers is even using Google Forms to collect data and information from teachers before meeting on a student. Teachers appreciate being able to submit the form from the computer during planning instead of having to keep up withe a separate pieced of paper that has to be physically returned to a a mailbox. Google Drive has made so my things easier!
My Take
I love how easy Google Drive makes it for students to collaborate and work together on a project...either at home or school. I love how it saves work automatically, and it's easy to then have multiple students sharing the same document, form, presentation, etc. And, if a document or other file is shared with a teacher (or anyone else), everyone will see any changes to the original file automatically. Our school is slowly adopting Chromebooks, and this extra cloud storage is perfect! Since documents and other files are created privately, and they are only shared when wanted, this keeps the students' files safe. In the past, if a student saved something on a public drive on our network, there was a chance it could be deleted. No more with Drive! And, with the ability to search Google Drive, it's easy to find what you're looking for if you can't remember what folder you saved it in (if you even organize your Drive with folders).