Teacher Review for Glogster

Waste of time!

Kim B.
Classroom teacher
Hudson High School
Hudson, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts
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Setup Time More than 15 minutes
Great for Individual
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How I Use It
I used it once for a To Kill a Mockingbird project. Students researched background information on the time period, author, etc. I had the kids each create a Glogster to share with the class and to "teach" the class their portion of the research. The glogs did not provide a good experience or any educational value. There were a lot of flashy images, actions, etc. that the kids could put into the projects, but to share information, it was difficult to view the entire glog from a projector and that site itself kept crashing, so the end products were incomplete or very difficult to complete. Maybe if the site limited its users to only educational purposes, the site wouldn't be so slow. I think it was one of the technology tools that was a flash in the pan.
My Take
I hate Glogster! My teaching team used it for informational presentations about the Great Depression era and Harper Lee. We signed up the lab time, worked with the website to create student accounts, and instructed the classes about the purpose of the "poster." When we went to the lab, half of the class couldn't access the site because the servers were so slow and a whole class was having issues. Then once the kids did get logged on, they couldn't create anything because the website kept crashing. Some kids worked on the website from home, but they couldn't save their work because of overloaded servers. Also, Glogster is open to anyone so there were a lot of glogs that had inappropriate subject material that were used as examples on the site. Kids were using it as a personal journal in some cases. Overall, Glogster wasted a ton of student-learning time and was not worth the hype. If Glogster was revised and made to be strictly an educational site, I could see how the concept would be beneficial for kids. It allows students to create a visual, active "poster board" for a presentation. Instead of being a presentation tool, I could see it used for creative writing pieces or projects. I used it as a way for kids to present information about To Kill a Mockingbird and to share this information for the class. This was not the correct type of project for Glogster. I do not think that it benefited students educationally. It provided a different way for them to present information and share ideas.