Teacher Review for Glogster

Interactive multimedia posters created by students

Kerry R.
Media specialist/librarian
Professional Children's School
New York, United States
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How I Use It

In my classes, when we are beginning a unit, I have found it helpful to give each kid one subtopic to create a glog on and then post it to our class page. For example, when beginning a unit on source types, each student chose a source (ie databases, primary sources, biographies) and then created a glog explaining their source to their classmates. Although they all were answering the same questions, they each were able to come up with creative ways of showing what they had learned using Glogster EDU. Having an interactive bulletin board filled with relevant multimedia sources generated by students is an excellent way to get kids invested in the material.

My Take

Glogster EDU is a great multimedia teaching tool for both teacher and student. As a teacher you can present topics and assignments in a content rich way, embedding videos, images, and links to engage your students. For visual learners, this is an excellent way to complement your traditional teaching tools (ie sharing a glog, as well as a handout). Additionally, you can use GlogsterEDU to allow for students to demonstrate their understanding of concepts, by creating their own glogs. They can easily record and embed their own voice or video, in addition to using the other tools to share what they have learned in this interactive and creative approach.