Teacher Review for GirlsHealth.gov

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Kristin L.
Technology coordinator
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How I Use It
GirlsHealth.gov is an excellent resource for both the classroom teacher and for students. The site has valuable, credible information that explains health issues in a manner in which students can understand and relate to. The site has resources for parents, students, educators and caregivers - as well as materials in Spanish. The site can be used as a safe place for girls to find information about themselves and their bodies or as a part of their health/wellness curriculum.
My Take
I really like the web design of this site. It is easy to navigate and lends itself to further exploration. The text is easy to understand. As a teaching tool I find it to be helpful - not only to give tips to students and to aid their self-discovery but also to use as a resource for students to guide their understanding of adolescence. At this point I do not have any critiques although an interactive web-chat would be a neat feature to add or some sort of monitored blog in which girls can share experiences or stories.