Teacher Review for FreshGrade Classic

Are teachers shrugging responsibility to parents with freshgrade

My Rating
My Students Liked It No
My Students Learned No
I Would Recommend It No
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
How I Use It
I don't yet, as freshgrade is not able to advise on who is responsible for security breach should one happen. We all know they do in today's world.
My Take
When looking at the freshgrade 'parents' portal or examples it would appear that the school / teachers are expecting parents to spend a couple of hours a night teaching children on subjects for assignments they are having problem with. My expectation is that children are taught at school. They don't need to be going to school and coming home and do another 2 hours of teaching with parents, whom by the way are not teachers. Could freshgrade be a scapegoat for schools and teachers and put the ownership on parents. If this is the case, why do we have teachers?