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Great math help for advanced middle school or beginning high school students.

Donald P.
Classroom teacher
N.F. Woods Advanced Technology and Arts Center
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My Subjects Arts
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My Students Liked It Yes
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I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Further application
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Small group
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Great with General
How I Use It
It works great as a 'pre lesson' or as a review tool of concept skills. Is a great tool to add to your 'flipped classroom' toolbox. As a teacher, I can assign sections to be read as homework as an introduction to the concepts to be introduced the next day. I can also post a link to the site for students to be able to access it when doing homework so they can review concepts that they are unsure of. Students that need a quick review can use this site instead of me having to reteach. Can also be set up as a 'small group center' where students can review concepts and work out problems that I give them together using the online calculator on the site. The calculator is a great tool that both students and teachers find valuable to be able to quickly work out problems on a variety of concepts. Calculator shows students the steps involved in working out a problem.
My Take
For a 'free' site this has a lot of great 'basic' knowledge on a wide variety of math concepts for advanced middle school and beginning high school students. Upper Level and A.P. high school math students will not find much of use here. All of the 'video' tutorials are actually 'off site' and are only links to videos on other math sites. It would be great if there were short videos of each concept inserted into each concept covered. As it is, only students with good reading comprehension will get full use out of this site - and we all know that students who need remediation in math skills (which this site is aimed at) also have poor reading comprehension. Therefore, this site is probably best for more advanced middle school math students who need additional skills and challenges or as introduction of ideas on concepts for freshman and sophomore high school math students. This is a great 'resource' site for both students and teachers and anyone who needs additional math help.