Teacher Review for Free Rice

This multiple choice drill where incremental donations are represented as rice is oddly appealing.

Liz D.
Media specialist/librarian
P.S. 360
Bronx, United States
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My Rating
Learning Scores
My Students Liked It Yes
My Students Learned Yes
I Would Recommend It Yes
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Individual
Small group
Great with Advanced learners
How I Use It
As a "sponge" activity or reward when a small group has a few minutes at the end of a session. I sign in, so students do not have individual accounts. There is a competitive element as answers are clearly right or wrong - but after a wrong answer the correct one is shown, and then the question will be recycled several turns later. That way, there is a chance to answer it correctly. Some students also like to practice basic math and multiplication facts individually this way. For older students (and adults) the vocabulary and geography sections are a little addictive.
My Take
Using the program as it stands for individual practice is neither rich or deep. However students in grades 3-5 seem to react to it as a game and will spend time doing some drill which is helpful for basic math and multiplication facts. Students will happily spend time working in pairs on this program during free time (for instance inside during inclement weather for recess) where more learning happens through their conversation and explanations than through the program by itself.