Teacher Review for Forvo

Interesting resource for pronunciation, but limited educational value.

Elizabeth E.
Classroom teacher
Isidore Newman School
New Orleans, United States
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My Subjects Social Studies
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Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
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Low literacy
How I Use It
It is hard to find an authentic way to integrate Forvo into a class. Students are intrigued by the various pronunciations of English words by speakers from around the globe, but the value ends there, for the most part. Students can add their own pronunciations to expand the database if they wish. Perhaps listening to basic pronunciations of words in students' target languages would help them hone their own pronunciation.
My Take
This site is probably best used in a foreign language classroom, and the best thing it has going for it is that it is free. From an anthropological perspective, listening to various pronunciations of the same word is interesting, but what would be even more intriguing is if the region of the speaker's home country was included. As it stands currently, only the speaker's sex and nationality are included. The large ads on the site are distracting to students, and the quality of the recordings varies dramatically as well. Generally, students find this website interesting, but from a teacher's perspective, there is limited educational value.