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Flocabulary: Vocabulary

Whip-smart hip-hop songs offer enriched vocab instruction

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Overall, the Flocabulary site has quite a few supports built in just for teachers, and the Vocabulary lessons are no exception. Teachers can find suggested calendars for grades 2-5 and 6-8 -- these include daily assignments, review exercises, assessments, and some homework ideas. What's more, these schedules can help with differentiation; there's one sequence for on-grade-level students and another for those who need more support. Teachers can use the search option to look for specific subjects or themes, and every song is aligned to the Common Core standards. There's also a handy list of recommended modifications for ELL and special ed students.

Every unit within the Vocabulary Grade 2-12 section focuses on a cluster of Tier 2 words. And, true to hip-hop form, every song offers multiple allusions and similes while centering on an engaging, real-life theme. For high school students, some extra planning might help to boost engagement. The lessons are dense and packed with great, challenging words, but high school students in particular might do better with writing and recording their own lyrics and songs. There's a great how-to guide for teachers on this -- students can incorporate vocabulary from specific lessons as a solid way to build context around their newly acquired words.

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Sean A. , Technology coordinator
Technology coordinator
District 75 Central
New York, United States
Learning words to a beat
Flocabulary is by far the most memorable way I have found for students to to retain the meanings of vocabulary words. The kids are so busy singing the songs, they hardly realize that they're learning. With lesson plans, graphic organizers, and extension activities all available right there, you don't have to do much on your own to create an engaging environment for vocabulary instruction.
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