Updated June 2014

Flocabulary: The Week in Rap

These timely rhymes help jazz up your current-events lessons

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Flocabulary's Week in Rap offering combines ELA skills with social studies content with new lessons posted at the end of each week. Like the site's ELA and social studies units, the Week in Rap lessons feature a video, printable lyrics, a fill-in-the-blank comprehension exercise, challenge questions, and extension activities.

Lessons encourage a "grab and go" approach, which is an obvious fit for students in grades 5-7, but the videos are so engaging that all students -- especially those in grade 8 and above -- will crave even more authentic extensions. The songs could be a great setup for a debate and discussion activity -- you could assign groups a topic from the video that they agree with, or purposely assign an opposing point of view. You could also have students conduct small-group research, in which groups locate related events from history and present to the class. For the ultimate comprehension check, have students write and present their own raps to review the week. Fear not! The site offers tips and strategies for writing academic rhymes and freestyle rapping.

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Gina G. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Los Cuates Middle School
Los Fresnos, United States
Loved this, until...
I have loved using this tool almost daily for a couple of years now. We recently began a new school year and noticed some changes to the Week in Rap format. As an adult, it suits me just fine. However, there is a lack of interest on behalf of the students with the lengthy amount of talking before the actual rapping section. The information provided at the beginning of the video takes too long to keep the students engaged. This appears to be the first year flocabulary takes a full summer break. I teach a ...
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