Teacher Review for Flipboard

Great visual for viewing an online magazine format!

Courtney J.
Classroom teacher
Greenbrier East High School
Lewisburg, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts
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Learning Scores
Setup Time Less than 5 minutes
Great for Creation
Knowledge gain
Student-driven work
Whole class
Great with Advanced learners
How I Use It
The product/website may be used in a variety of school subjects. Flipboard can be helpful with research for specific or more broad-based topics. The product provides students with the opportunity to narrow the focus of magazine articles related to the topic for which they are needing information. For the desktop publishing and webpage design courses; the product/website provides an idea of how to build an electronic magazine and/or website related to magazine design. The downfall is that the product/website provides a great visual; however, it does not provide the interactive design option I am looking for. I would like for Flipboard to develop an interactive site, which allows students to build their own "Flipboard" style magazine. The students are able to learn this through Adobe CS5; however, having additional programs available would be very beneficial.
My Take
Flipboard is very beneficial in the research aspect of education, as well as for showing the desktop and webpage design students how an electronic magazine can look. I like the how the product/website provides the opportunity to narrow the focus on a topic. It provides students with the visual of an electronic magazine, as well as giving them the additional means for research for a specific project in school. The product/website unfortunately is only on the Augmentation level of SAMR. If the product/website provided students with the opportunity to interact by building their own electronic magazines and developing video to be a part of the site, then the product would move up the SAMR ladder to the Redefinition level.