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Great Financial Literacy Simulation

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Technology coordinator
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How I Use It
I use this with my 7th graders to teach the career part of Career and technology. The students love it because it is self paced and they enjoy the story line as well as practicing the skills in this safe environment. I set a goal with a due day and they get there. If they get less than a 70, they go back and improve their grade. I usually make scenarios for the quiz that has a story and a money problem associated with it. I use quizlet to allow them to study for the the vocabulary part of the quiz. This works well and since the test isn't multiple choice there is much thinking going n.on.
My Take
I use this with every 7th grade class that comes through. I get complements from parents thanking me for exposing the students to this type of learning as it is real life yet still applicable to a 7th grader. I like that all the learning takes place within the module and the kids are motivated to do it. I assign one section and they do two or three just because they like it. The applied math and problem solving skills are higher level and challenge without frustrating my students. I do Vault in 6th grade and Financial Literacy in 8th grade Everfi has a varied of lessons that can be done in other classroom. Love their curriculum.