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Updated July 2014

ExploreLearning Gizmos: Mathematics Grades 6-8

Digital math tools encourage learning through interactive exploration
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Common Sense Rating 4
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  • Many gizmos include resources like Student Exploration Sheets and Teacher Guides.
  • Real-world scenarios used in some gizmos make learning particularly engaging.
  • The assessments help kids apply what they've learned.
Debbie Gorrell
Common Sense Reviewer
Common Sense Rating 4
How Can Teachers Use It?

Gizmos' sixth-through-eighth grade lessons are aligned to several Common Core standards and are organized by content area: Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis & Probability. Many of these Gizmos connect math with real-world scenarios, while others use a straightforward approach with excellent graphics to model concepts. The Gizmos about data analysis and probability are particularly engaging. Try using a gizmo as a follow-up to your classroom instruction, viewing it first to find out what resources are available. Several gizmos come with a Student Exploration Sheet -- have kids complete the Prior Knowledge section with a partner. Then let them explore the Gizmo while completing the rest of the sheet. The assessment scores are tracked -- if possible, have kids complete these on their own after exploring the Gizmo.

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