Updated June 2014

ExploreLearning Gizmos: Mathematics Grades 3-5

Thoughtfully interactive math games blend concepts with practice

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Math, Critical Thinking

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Within the Mathematics Grades 3-5 module, more than 40 interactive Gizmos cross all relevant topics. Most options are stellar, exploring math in interesting and engaging situations. Use the site for instruction by using a Gizmo along with its Student Exploration Sheet. Use the warm-up section with the whole class as an orientation, then have students continue individually or in pairs. Circulate to check responses and engage with kids. Alternately, use the Gizmos for more practice after you’ve taught a concept. While kids work individually on pre-selected Gizmos, you'll have valuable time to assess or reteach concepts.


  • Younger kids will love the Critter Count activity for conceptualizing multiplication as repeated addition.
  • Balancing Blocks challenges older kids to practice area and volume while considering balance.
  • Pattern Finder impressively combines algebraic and scientific thinking, asking students to determine and test hypotheses for frogs' jump patterns.
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