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Updated May 2013
Everfi Commons - Digital Town Square

Everfi Commons - Digital Town Square

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English Language Arts, Social Studies

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Eileen L. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
J.H.S 74 Nathaniel Hawthorne
Oakland Gardens, United States
Need a lesson for a sub? Here it is.
As long as the modules stay relevant, this will speak to students in a real way. One of the modules uses "Youville" as the social network site which seems dated, but the kids still get the idea behind the message. There are sometimes no real right and wrong answers, which is good. They need to see the consequences of their choices. Real world skills are not covered in many subjects, this solves that problem. It's a valuable resource.
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Users can create or upload content.
Processes to access and review user data are available.
Processes to modify inaccurate data are available.
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Unclear whether data are shared for third-party advertising and/or marketing.
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