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Updated October 2014

EducationCity: Learn English

Boost language skills with collection of activities, lessons, games
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Common Sense Rating 4
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  • There are activities and games for two levels of English learners.
  • Each level contains activities, demos, and other info for kids and teachers.
  • Activities are categorized by the type of language included, like "social language" or "academic writing."
  • Each activity includes teacher notes and multiple ways to play.
  • The games are cheerful, inventive, and challenging.
Patricia Monticello Kievlan
Common Sense Reviewer
Foundation/Non-Profit Member
Common Sense Rating 4
How Can Teachers Use It?

EducationCity's Learn English section features activities just for English language learners. Kids and teachers can choose among several activities from Level 1 (beginners) or Level 2 (intermediate to advanced). Each activity features Teacher Notes along with multiple ways for kids to play -- either solo on their own devices, as a whole group, or via printable Activity Sheets that let kids play along on paper. The Learn Screens offer demos for how each activity works.

While all activities feature the Learn Screen, Play, and White Board modes, some are better suited for groups and others are better suited to individual work. Be sure to explore the activities in detail to see what suits your students and your classroom best. The Teacher Notes on each activity are much more detailed than the site's Teacher Area, which offers more guidance on how to manage your classes on the site. Explore the search features, which let you sort activities by the type of language or vocabulary they use (e.g., "social language" or "academic writing").

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