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Updated October 2014

EducationCity: Language Arts

Solid set of browsable, standards-aligned games, activities, lessons
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Common Sense Rating 4
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  • The site is easy to navigate, for both teachers and students.
  • Teachers can browse specific skills within each grade level.
  • Lessons include a list of the standards addressed within.
  • The videos tend to be brief and engaging.
  • The lesson plans are downloadable and printable.
Amanda Bindel
Common Sense Reviewer
Classroom teacher
Common Sense Rating 4
How Can Teachers Use It?

EducationCity's Language Arts module includes standards-aligned lessons and activities for pre-K through Grade 6. Once logged in, you can browse for lessons and activities by strand within each grade level. You'll find specific activities, games, and lessons to introduce to your students. Lessons include short videos and presentations. You might want to assign some games for individual kids to play alone, while other games lend themselves to more competitive play.

Take advantage of the customized myCities accounts and add content specifically for your own students -- you'll be able to view reports of student progress. Keep using the videos and whiteboard lessons for whole-class instruction -- the myCity accounts are great for students' independent work. Be sure to explore the site -- for students who finish their assignments early, there are plenty of additional enrichment options.

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